Firkfest 2014 (The Day in Pictures)

Greg Nagel from the OCBeerBlog should be commended for organizing such a wonderful event. This was a fantastically well organized festival in a great area. The beer selection was unique and interesting, the food delicious and the crowds kept to a manageable level. Firkfest is easily one of the best craft beer events so far this year. I hope that Greg continues the tradition and I look forward to Firkfest 2015. 

For a first time fest the line flowed well and everyone seemed happy.

Decisions, decisions

The volunteers were friendly and energetic. The lines never seemed long and the beer was delicious. 

Pouring a cask IPA

Pizza Port Noserider  was delicious. 

Noble's beer engine. They were pulling a fantastic English Pub Bitter. CAMRA would be proud. 

The venue was awesome. Plenty of room to find a relaxing area to enjoy your beer. 

Everyone seemed to be having a good time. 

Bottle Logic cracking a fresh firken of Leche Mole, a milk stout with mole spices.

Pounding in the tap can get a bit messy.

Festival organizer Greg Nagel gets first pull. The perks of running your own beer festival.

While the rest of wait...

Good crowd, but never felt crowded. 

Bottle Logic swag.

Bungs and Belching Beavers

Casks as far as the eye can see.