National Homebrew Day

Today, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) celebrates

National Homebrew Day.  A day first organized in 1988 to encourage homebrewers to spread their love of beer and brewing to the unwashed masses. To celebrate AHA members throughout the world gather at Big Brew events where the public can learn the joys of homebrewing. This year's Big Brew events are being held in 13 countries and  in every state in the U.S. California is playing host to many of these events the largest being the Southern California Homebrewers Festival in Lake Casitas, California. There, thousands of homebrewers gather for a weekend long festival pouring, tasting and sharing each others beer. It's one of the premiere events in the Southern California homebrewing calendar and shouldn't be missed.  

If you can't make it out to Lake Casitas this weekend there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the homebrewing and craft-beer scene this weekend.

  • Visit your local homebrew shop and learn to brew. (I recommend my local shop Stein Fillers in Long Beach, but there are several others in California)
  • Attend Eaglerock Brewing's Sessionfest today May 4th from 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  • The Factory Gastropub in Long Beach is hosting Brian Brewer from Abigaile Brewing in Manhattan Beach at their Meet the Brewer event.  
  • Get your veg on at L.A. Vegan Beerfest.
  • Make a trip to The Bruery and help them celebrate their 5th anniversary

Or just visit one of the many breweries, brew pubs and gastropubs that we are lucky to have in Southern California. However you do it, I encourage you all  raise a glass to good beer today.