American Craft Beer Week


This year's American Craft Beer Week, May 13 - 19, promises to be one of the best celebrations yet. Started 8 years ago, American Craft Beer Week is a celebration of all things craft beer in the U.S. It allows those of us who are passionate about real beer to come together and express that love in a variety of ways. As the Brewer's Association website describes the week's events this way, "ACBW is an opportunity to toast the more than 2,400 small and independent American craft brewers who continue to make the U.S. the world’s most diverse brewing destination."  Local celebrations feature beer tastings, film premieres, brewery tours, tap take-overs and festivals.  Those interested in claiming their love for craft beer can also sign the Brewer's Association's American Craft Beer Week Manifesto, pledging their support of locally brewed beer and brewers. If nothing else, American Craft Beer Week gives all of us another excuse to get out there and indulge!